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We’re here to help you with the pairing process and answer any questions you have.

Kenobi Pairing Process

Here’s the pairing process in detail.

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Open the Watch app.

Look for the Kenobi icon or in list view find app called Kenobi and tap.


Hello There

Tap next to get started with Kenobi Watch App.


Companion app

Go to and click the download Mac app button.



Open your downloads folder, unzip the file you just downloaded and move it to the applications folder.


Open Mac app.

Search for Kenobi on the launch pad or using spotlight search and click to open.


The menu bar

The app will then be visible in the menu bar. It has a watch icon. Click on the icon.


Pairing Code

Copy the pairing code you see on your mac into the Apple Watch. The code ends with #


Mac permission

System Prefrences >  Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > Check Kenobi

Unable to connect error.

1. Kenobi is not running on your Mac.
2. Macbook is not connected to wifi.
3. Apple watch is not connected to the same wifi as your Mac.
4. You entered different pair code.
5. You changed network after pairing.

How to fix.

Fix 1: Join the same network as your mac.
Fix 2: Scroll down to Help in the Kenobi watch app tap Pair to pair again.
Fix 3: Re-install the watch app if nothing works.

Pairing Code Error

The pairing code is either a weird character instead of expected number## Expected

if you get

Media control is not working.

Remotely launching apps works but media control, trackpad keyboard doesn’t seem to work

How to fix

On your mac.
Go to System Prefrences >  Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility > Unlock the padlock (bottom left) Check Kenobi.

Contact Us

If you’re still having issues with the app. You can either submit an issue on the github repo (recommend) or issue a support ticket right here. You can also reach us via email